Here we are again. Two mass shootings have occurred in less than 24 hours, one of which was right here in Ohio. This has to stop.

And, the only way it stops is action.

After these horrible events, your friends, your family, and your public servants will have a lot to say. They’ll say it in person. They’ll say it on social media. They’ll text about it or pray about it or wonder about it. That isn’t enough.

Encourage them to do something. Find it within yourself to do something. Here are some places to start…

  1. Volunteer for Guitars Not Guns Ohio to mentor children most at risk for a future that includes gun violence. We are actively recruiting teachers, but if you don’t play guitar, consider volunteering for an administrative position.
  2. Donate to Guitars Not Guns Ohio or to Guitars Not Guns (nationally) to fund programming that seeks to positively influence children most at risk for a future that includes gun violence.
  3. Donate to or get involved with the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, a non-profit organization that serves as a resource for research about gun violence in Ohio and works to influence public policy as it relates to gun violence.
  4. Donate to or get involved with Moms Demand Action, a national organization started in the wake of Sandy Hook, dedicated to stopping gun violence. Their Ohio chapter has a Facebook page.
  5. Share this blog post. It’s a small amount of effort to email, tweet, or post it. You never know who might see it and what they might do.

We will only make a dent in the gun violence problems we have in Ohio and in America when we take action. Be one of the people who takes action.

Thank you to our volunteers locally and nationally. Thank you to anyone who has supported our organization financially, logistically, or in any other capacity. Thank you to the thousands of volunteers in other organizations that push for solutions.

If you are involved with an organization or a cause that seeks to help solve this problem, please contact us about collaboration. We’d be happy to add you to this list and share your message.

Thank you for doing something.

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