Our organization is built around musicians donating their time to share what they love with kids, but not every musician is able to make that time commitment.

As with any non-profit organization, Guitars Not Guns, Ohio has to raise money to operate. One of our primary fundraising events is our annual Guitars Not Guns Benefit Concert.

Once per year, we organize a set of some of the best local bands in Columbus, who are willing to donate their time by doing what they already do: playing music.

We collect $10 at the door, all of which is donated to the organization. We also look to partner with a venue who is willing to donate a portion of the food/bar take. Optionally, some bands elect to donate some of their merchandise take as well.

Last February, our inaugural benefit concert raised around $2,400 for the organization. That was hugely important as we just started out!

The vast majority of that money goes straight to the most important part of our effort: the guitars for the kids who participate. (For us to run a class of 10 kids, it costs about $1,000.)

Some of that money is used for administrative costs, like hosting a website, necessary public relations, etc., but we keep those costs as absolutely low as possible to maximize the direct benefit to program participants.

No one involved in Guitars Not Guns, Ohio is paid. It is a 100% volunteer organization, so all contributions made go to running the program. We are a 501(c)(3), registered with the state of Ohio.

It’s that time of the year to start planning this event for 2019!

That means if you are any of the following, we’d like you to reach out to us ASAP:

  • A band who can bring in patrons and is willing to donate a 45 minute set (We really only want bands with draw, because it means more door dollars donated to the organization.)
  • A venue who is willing to work with us to organize the event, especially if you are willing to donate a cut of the food/bar
  • Someone who wants to volunteer on a one-off basis and would like to help organize the event
  • A local vendor or organization who can help improve the quality of the event and/or the contributions to the organization

We don’t have dates set until we start rounding up bands and reconciling available dates with venues, but I’m thinking March-April timeframe, at this point.

If you want to get involved, please fill out the form below.

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